Foundational Planning Assistance

Foundational Planning Assistance is geared towards organizations that may not feel they are ready for the DHPSNY Archival Needs Assessment, Preservation Survey, or Strategic Planning Assistance process. This new service is intended for organizations that need to invest in resource development and capacity building before they can reasonably embark on implementing recommendations frequently found in our other services. The overarching goal of Foundational Planning Assistance is to strengthen an organization’s capacity and prepare them to engage in a comprehensive assessment within the next one to three years.

Foundational Planning Assistance has been designed as an informal and accessible process. Once selected, participants will be asked to complete a brief survey focusing on the organization’s mission, collections, programs, budget, and current needs. After reviewing the presurvey, DHPSNY staff will schedule a call with the organization to complete a collaborative SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis that will form the foundation of the customizable plan.

The final plan will provide the organization with a framework for institutional advancement with an emphasis on strengthening the organizational components needed for optimal levels of collections stewardship. Areas of focus will include preservation concerns, collections management, resource allocation, and development. Six-month and two-year goals will be identified as a part of the plan; DHPSNY staff will follow up with organizations at the six-month mark to discuss the implementation of the plan and make modifications as needed.

Criteria for Participation

Foundational Planning Assistance is open to nonprofit cultural institutions in New York State that hold historical records, and/or library research materials. It is desired that the organization operates a program to preserve these records and make them publicly accessible; however, organizations that require DHPSNY assistance in developing a program to provide access will be considered. 

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Application materials for Foundation Planning Assistance are accepted year-round, and reviewed on a monthly basis. Applications are currently being accepted for 2024. 

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DHPSNY application forms are powered by Submittable. The online platform allows you to save your work and return if you are unable to complete in one sitting, as well as upload any supporting materials directly within the form. 

Applications for Foundational Planning Assistance are reviewed by DHPSNY Staff.

DHPSNY staff is available to assist you in completing the application form. Please contact the DHPSNY team for assistance, questions about eligibility, or additional information at (215) 545-0613 ext. 337 or

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