DHPSNY offers a variety of educational programs and services to qualifying New York institutions. Presented free of charge throughout the state, DHPSNY’s programs address the needs of professionals and volunteers responsible for the care and handling of historical records. DHPSNY’s workshops and webinars discuss emerging issues and best practices, with content scaled to apply to small- and medium-sized organizations with limited resources.


Webinars & Online Courses

DHPSNY’s webinars and online courses are a great alternative to face-to-face workshops. Webinar topics are more narrowly focused, with more opportunities for questions and responses. DHPSNY’s online courses promote interactive learning, networking, and collaboration. Visit page. 


Presented throughout the state, DHPSNY in-person workshops emphasize hands-on learning exercises and provide supplemental resources. Visit page.

DHPSNY Dialogues

DHPSNY Dialogues provide the framework and facilitation to further explore the roles of antiracism, diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and justice to inform the policies, practices, and systems of New York’s collecting organizations. These intimate, interactive discussions are a great way to network with like-minded colleagues and are never recorded to enable participants to speak their minds while protecting their privacy. Visit page. 


DHPSNY’s Mentorship Program is designed to create a community that supports those who care for the unique library research materials and archival collections in the state of New York – volunteers, interns, students, as well as new or emerging professionals. Visit page. 

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