DHPSNY Dialogues

DHPSNY Dialogues provide the framework and facilitation to further explore the roles of antiracism, diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and justice to inform the policies, practices, and systems of New York’s collecting organizations. These intimate, interactive discussions are a great way to network with like-minded colleagues and are never recorded to enable participants to speak their minds while protecting their privacy.

The theme of our first DHPSNY Dialogue was Our Role as Collecting Organizations: Antiracism, Inclusion and Making Sense of Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Justice in our Field. Our presenters left participants with an easy antiracist action that we invite everyone to contribute to: select a reading or another piece of media — as short or long as you want — written or created by a maker of color (BIPOC/PGM) about race. Check out our recent Antiracism Resources blog post for a recap of the session and to contribute to the resource list!

The theme of our second DHPSNY Dialogue was Antiracism and Engagement, which explored engaging stakeholders in your organization's antiracism efforts. Our facilitators also shared this Benchmarks and Accountability Template.


See below for descriptions and registration for upcoming DHPSNY Dialogues.


Upcoming DHPSNY Dialogues

Practical Applications of Antiracism: A Panel Discussion
Ashley Gantt and Amanda Smith, Aria Strategies LLC
Date: Thursday, July 14, 2022
Time: Noon - 1:30 PM
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This dialogue invites practitioners from collecting organizations across New York State to explore the ways in which their museums, archives and libraries have put antiracist policies, systems and practices in place at their organizations. Panelists include professionals and stakeholders from libraries, museums, and archives. This panel is co-moderated by Ashley Gantt and Amanda Smith.


Image (from left): Aria Anne Camaione-Lind, Ashley Gantt, & Amanda Smith, Aria Strategies LLC


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