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10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Presenter: Susan Weinrich, Vice President of Organizational and Community Development, New York Council of Nonprofits, Inc. (NYCON)
Date: Tuesday, November 27
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This session provides a broad overview of the fiduciary, ethical, and policy making responsibilities of the board. It covers the key functions of the board and provides practical guidance and an overview of best practices for board members to individually and collectively achieve excellence in governance performance. Participants will gain an understanding of how to develop and maintain an engaged board focused on ensuring mission alignment, planning for the organization’s future, ensuring adequate resources and strong financial oversight, and for those organizations with employees, building a strong working partnership with staff leadership.

2:00 AM - 4:00 AM
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Presenter: Jason Henn, Manager of Marketing & External Relations, Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts
Date: Thursday, November 6
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Social Media is an excellent platform for sharing information about your organization and highlighting the collections under your care. This webinar will address the basics of establishing a social media presence for your organization on two popular platforms, Instagram and Facebook, and how they can be used to build audiences, share stories, and promote events.

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