Reminder: Apply for DHPSNY Planning & Assessment Services by Friday, July 12

Thu, 06/06/2024 - 12:56

Navigating library and archival standards can feel daunting, but with DHPSNY, expert guidance is at your fingertips! Rooted in the foundational principle of meeting organizations where they are, DHPSNY Planning & Assessment Services connect accepted institutions with our specialists to evaluate current preservation practices, establish tailored recommendations and goals, and craft actionable plans aligned with your unique capacity and needs.

Why Apply for DHPSNY Services?

  • Strategic Insights: The final reports generated through this process can be instrumental in securing funding, enhancing the accessibility and utilization of your collections, and more.
  • Enhanced Expertise: Gain in-depth knowledge of standards and best practices for collections management and preservation, empowering your team with confidence in applying this expertise effectively.
  • Cost-Free: DHPSNY services are provided at no cost to qualifying New York State organizations.
  • Professional Support: Build a lasting relationship with DHPSNY's dedicated professional staff, who are committed to your organization's success.

Start an Application Today!

To help decide which service is best for your program's needs, we've outlined each below with links to additional information and application materials.

Applications must be submitted by Friday, July 12, for consideration in the summer 2024 review period. 

For assistance, questions about eligibility, or additional information, contact us at or (215) 545-0613 extension 337.

Preservation Surveys

Preservation Survey is a general evaluation of your institution's policies, practices, and building conditions that affect the preservation of collections. The primary focus is to address preventive care and mitigate deterioration and damage.

 Learn more in our recent blog post Behind the Lens: Preservation Surveys.

Click here to apply.

Condition Surveys

Condition Survey is designed to evaluate the materials in a discrete collection for specific preservation and conservation needs. It is a valuable tool for institutions that have previously undergone a Preservation Survey (through DHPSNY or another program) and are now interested in evaluating the condition of collection materials on a more granular level.

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Archival Needs Assessments

An Archival Needs Assessment thoroughly examines your institution's archival program, identifying what's working, as well as areas of potential improvement. The process aims to set priorities around documenting, describing, and making collections accessible.

Click here to apply.

Strategic Planning Assistance

Strategic Planning Assistance assesses an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats under the leadership of a trained facilitator. At the end of the process, your organization will have completed a three-year strategic plan, a document unique to your institution, identifying key goals to support and strengthen your organization with milestones to gauge your success along the way

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Looking to Establish a Preservation Framework for Your Institution First?

Conducted virtually, DHPSNY Foundational Planning Assistance is an informal and accessible process for organizations looking to strengthen their organizational capacity. This collaborative process pairs a facilitator with staff and volunteers to build out short-term goals in the areas of collections care and management, access and outreach, and resource development. Applications for this service are accepted year-round on a rolling basis.

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