We Need Your Help—Participate in Part II of DHPSNY’s Documentation Planning Project!

Fri, 07/05/2019 - 16:57

In January, we invited you to take Part I of our Documentation Planning Project, Collections & Community: A Survey for New York State Collecting Institutions. We’re asking for your help in the next phase of the project—collecting and analyzing Mission Statements and Collection Development Policies from collecting institutions across the state. 

We ask that you complete the form below, submitting your organization’s Mission Statement and Collection Development Policy. We do not intend to share these statements publicly, include them in the final plan, or critique their content. 

Click here to complete the form.

If you do not have the ability to submit via the form, you can forward your documents to amatijkiw@dhpsny.org

Please complete the form or submit documents via email by July 12, 2019. 

In addition, we ask that if you know of any collecting institution in your community who may want to participate, please forward this survey to them, or let DHPSNY know by contacting us at info@dhpsny.org or 215-545-0613. If you have any difficulty accessing the survey, please reach out to DHPSNY at info@dhpsny.org or 215-545-0613. 

This form is part of a multi-year research project conducted by DHPSNY under the leadership of Lead Scholar Jorge Arévalo Mateus, Ph.D. The end-result of the project will be the development of a plan to assist in the collection, preservation, and accessibility of records pertaining to under-documented topics and communities.

Detail, “City of Rochester. Map #479.” City of Rochester, 1839, by Silas Cornell, City Surveyor. New York State Archives. 

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