Webinar | Keeping Current: Tips & Tricks for Policy Updates

Presenter: Amanda Shepp, Coordinator of Special Collections and Archives, SUNY Fredonia
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Collecting institutions often have a whole army of policies and procedures. From collections to reading rooms to disasters, there is a policy for almost every aspect of a collecting institution. And once these policies and procedures are written, that doesn't mean it's over. Regular policy updates are a key step to protecting an institution's collections. How often should policies be updated? How do you establish a schedule for this? When should you update a policy versus start over? In this webinar, Amanda Shepp, Coordinator of Special Collections and Archives at SUNY Fredonia, will answer these questions by diving into the intricacies of updating existing policies and procedures and how to start the process of creating new ones.


Location Live Online
When January 12, 2022
11:00am to 2:00pm
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