Webinar | Museum Chartering 101: Mergers, Consolidations, and Dissolutions

Presenter: Lauren Lyons, Chartering Coordinator, New York State Museum
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In order to combine resources or services, museums or historical societies might decide to merge or consolidate their charters. Or, due to various causes, an institution may decide to dissolve their charter altogether. Merging, consolidating, and dissolving charters are all actions that require an application process through the Board of Regents. Join Lauren Lyons, Chartering Coordinator at the New York State Museum, to learn more about the differences between consolidating and merging, what these application processes look like, and what the best options are for different circumstances.

Museum Chartering 101: Mergers, Consolidations, and Dissolutions is the second webinar in a series designed to help institutions better understand the processes involved in New York's chartering program.


Location Live Online
When May 20, 2021
1:00pm to 2:00pm
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