Introducing Our NEW Online Course: Understanding the 10 Agents of Deterioration

Wed, 08/25/2021 - 14:47

Understanding the 10 Agents of Deterioration is a 2-week, virtual course that will cover basic knowledge needed to identify and understand the 10 Agents of Deterioration that may threaten your collections: Light; Incorrect Temperature; Incorrect Relative Humidity; Fire; Water; Pests; Pollutants; Physical Forces; Theft & Vandalism; and Custodial Neglect. Risk assessment and mitigation strategies will also be discussed.

This online course is intended for individuals who manage cultural collections, with a focus on those who are new to archival preservation, who may not have had formal preservation training, or who are looking to brush up on their knowledge.


  • Amanda Murray, Preservation Specialist, DHPSNY
  • Dyani Feige, Director of Preservation Services, CCAHA
  • Emelia Boehm Emig, Preservation Specialist, CCAHA
  • Kate Philipson, Archives Specialist, DHPSNY
  • Liyah Desher, Education & Outreach Specialist, DHPSNY

Dates: Monday, September 27 - Friday, October 8, 2021

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the DHPSNY Understanding the 10 Agents of Deterioration Online Course, participants will:

  • have an increased awareness of what the 10 agents of deterioration are and the risks they pose to collections
  • gain an understanding of basic strategies to manage and/or mitigate these risks
  • be able to successfully implement planning tools such as security and disaster recovery plans at their institution

Register by Sunday, September 19, 2020. Please note that this program has limited registration and is only offered to constituents representing institutions in New York. If you are registering from outside of New York State, your registration may be denied.

Click here to register.



Presented virtually, DHPSNY’s online courses promote collaborative learning and networking. Free for New York institutions, DHPSNY’s programs address the needs of professionals and volunteers at institutions that manage unique library research materials and historical records, including libraries, archives, and museums.

DHPSNY’s online courses are presented through Canvas LMS. Canvas LMS is an open and reliable web-based software that allows institutions to manage digital learning, educators to create and present online learning materials and assess student learning, and students to engage in courses and receive feedback about skill development and learning achievement. Participants will receive instructions on how to join their Canvas Classroom upon registration. 

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