Mold Prevention Webinar Recording Now Available

Wed, 02/07/2018 - 11:43

Earlier this week, DHPSNY Preservation Specialist Gillian Marcus presented Mold: Prevention, Detection, and Response, perhaps our grossest webinar since Gillian's Pest Management presentation last year. This webinar identified the many species of mold commonly found in archival collections and explained how they reproduce, the environmental factors that affect their growth, and how you can prevent and mitigate damage.

If you missed this webinar, a recording is now available on our Webinars page, as well as at the following link:

Click here to view the recording.

We also invite you to download PDFs of the complete slideshow presentation and handouts from the webinar:

DHPSNY Mold Webinar Slideshow

CCAHA Managing Mold Invasion Guidelines

DHPSNY General Mold Terminology

NEDCC Emergency Salvage of Moldy Books and Paper

NHR Health and Safety After Floods

Vacuum Fact Sheet


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