Unlock the Secrets of Salvage: Reserve Your Spot in DHPSNY's Spring In-Person Workshop

Wed, 03/20/2024 - 11:32

Calling all New York State cultural collecting institutions! Are you ready to get your hands wet and sharpen your skills in the art of salvaging paper-based collections? This spring, we're excited to get back on the road with a series of hands-on, in-person workshops, an experience you won't want to miss! Our comprehensive program delves into the vital role of wet salvage in incident response, forming a crucial part of emergency preparation and response protocols.

Basic Salvage Techniques for Paper Collections
Presenters: Liyah Desher, Education & Outreach Specialist, DHPSNY; Kate Jacus, Preservation Specialist, DHPSNY 
Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

This program will cover the role of wet salvage of paper-based collections as part of a larger incident response. After an overview of emergency preparation and response protocols, participants will take on incident response roles and run through a mock-flood scenario. In this hands-on program, participants will work in groups to salvage and triage a variety of collection items from a pool, including papers, photographs, and bound materials. A post-scenario debrief gives participants the opportunity to review their actions with workshop instructors.

This is a one-day event. Participants have the option of attending one of two dates presented at several locations throughout the state. Attendance will be limited due to the hands-on nature of the program. 

As always, DHPSNY workshops are presented free of charge for New York institutions. 



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